Historical grounds overview

As per  Museum report Edward Munch's Madonna painting done in the year 1895-1902. with five versions only. But the real fact is[according to various sources]Madonna is having ninth version ie Final Revised version. In some  reliable sources of current updation which mentions that the Madonna is having eight versions (including all mediums] and it was being repainted edited and reworked sequentially by the Artist Edward Munch itself til the year 1914. The second one is true as long as their proof and originality of the other three versions were proved thoroughly.Which is true or which is false is not the question now... But our strong argument is madonna is having Ninth version [in the year 1922], which is nothing but what we are holding with us.Even if we prove the 1922 version of Madonna 's originality provenance etc. it is  now time to rectify the  office record in Munch museum that Madonna is having eight versions upto year 1914 [till our ninth version of 1922 come into effect] instead of current office record shows that madonna is having only five versions [between 1895 to 1902.] which is incorrect till date

It is normal habit that there are several and several replications, reproductions, reprints of any artworks/ paintings in the art world while the familiarity scale of such artwork reaches a peak level to the public. But, the property holder must be very careful about the differentiating “original” Vs “reproduction”. How the reproduction should not be treated or mis understood as original in the same way the original work should not be mis-considered or misconceived as “fake” or “reproduced”… It is not easy to say the originality of any painting /artwork  in mere vision itself or just seeing the digital images visually. Unless otherwise a thorough test report conducted for a particular artwork we can’t predict the originality.

Fact1 :- Munch tried post modernism deviating from his old style to other European contemporary styles such as surrealism, magical surrealism etc..

Question: Is Munch’s works are a unique one man style or versatility with multi skill or all-rounder.?

Ans :- He was an all-rounder,  His thirst towards improvising his own art work repeatedly was an endless process till he satisfied fully As drop out of Engineering college he was very  familiar with engineering subjects and technical subjects such as landscape drawings, print making by lithography, frame making, and other mural decorative works. These extra skills combined with inborn thirst on modern expressionism in an innovative  way  pushed him to make the Madonna 1922 final version as a decorative mural work type . Birth of the final version of Madonna 1922[revised] and it’s non disclosure to the public is a separate question  and it is being answered in elaborate manner.

Fact 2:-:The greatness and   intellectualism of Edward Munch in the art world is not fully identified by  the Museum people /gallery of Munch works.

Question: I:- Is Munch museum is not maintaining the real record of Munch?

Ans May be true. Eventhe periodicity table of versions of one kind of paintings of

Edward Munch is still entered in erroneous  manner. As per Museum record The Painting Madonna’s period is from 1895-1902 But as per following reference the versions differs from five to eight. Even this also not exact one .Because the ninth version is now available the revised Ninth version 1922 is latest and final version of Madonna and this non disclosure version  is yet to be published .

Source:- Book: Author: Jay A. Clarke

Becoming Edvard Munch: Influence, Anxiety, and Myth

Two potent myths have traditionally defined the work of the artist Edvard Munch: that he  was mentally unstable, as his iconic work The Scream (1893) suggests, and that he was influenced by the contemporary art of France and Germany to the exclusion of his native  Norway. Becoming Edvard Munch: Influence, Anxiety, and Myth aims to challenge and  overturn these entrenched perceptions by presenting Munch’s paintings, prints, and  drawings in relation to those of European contemporaries including Harriet Backer, James  Ensor, Axeli Gallen-Kallela, Vilhelm Hammershøi, Max Klinger, Christian Krohg, Claude Monet, and Vincent van Gogh. Like that of Van Gogh, Munch’s work has long been connected to his supposed insanity and tormented emotional state. His art has also been understood in light of modernism’s partiality toward creative independence and  individuality. Somewhat paradoxically, given this emphasis on a distinctive vision, Munch’s oeuvre has been interpreted as reflecting French and German influences more strongly than Scandinavian ones.  More comments about  Madonna click here--->>> ( A LOT OF COMMENTS ARGUMENTS DISCUSSION MADE OUT and we are over saturated with all reviews and finally we have concluded this section of COMMENTS ROOM to keep locked and no more further arguments as all of these feedback are archived for future reference purpose only )

And another  IMPORTANT error in Munch Museum record is Madonna was it is still not started with in so called  year 1895. The start up  scratch piece created  by Edvard Munch’s own maiden start up in the year 1892 not in the year  1895 as mentioned in the Munch Museum record.

This, still a most notable error and till now the maintainers of MUNCH works not accepted due to unknown reasons