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       ====MIRACLE OF THIS AMAZING PAINTING  ====  please download this below image and open in image viewer [zoom in  150%]for detailed view and interesting study of this brilliant artwork of Edward Munch

AT LAST THE PAINTING FOUND AND SAVED after a long term struggle since Hitler's Nazis captured and planned to destroy this awesome painting and after transferred to many hands now the PAINTING is in safe mode and preserved with the framed  structure and also the dress cloth piece which was worn by the Edvard's ex girl friend and lover who was the model for this revised and final edition of MADONNA 1922 version.

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                             [1863-1944] [Edvard Munch]






YEAR 1922

Artcicle published on this website dated Jan 26th 2013

Very recently found  but very long lasting treasure of Munch's painting work discovered in an excellent condition  after a 90 years of journey.....

it is yes .. 

now in safe temperature controlled vault of DOHA CITY- Qatar  by very safe and organised private curators... Yes!! Madonna final version is  now ready to be exhibited...

Munch's original hand painted final touch of Madonna's revised version in the year 1922 is now existing in a gallery standard format. So long it has been maintained  and curated by private Hand from the conflict of intruders and art robbers who were keep on disturbing to forcibly possess the great art work 

Madonna -1922............

For this awesome art which has been ethinically  chained with a  string of strong historical back ground ...Read more on the miraculous history   here...

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physical properties of Madonna painting 

The private sale deal closed between undisclosed parties on this high valued artwork of Edward Munch. 

EDVARD MUNCH [1863-1944].        As accepted 'ALL ROUNDER' by the entire art world without any  second opinion... His masterpiece:- Loving lady "MADONNA "[1895-1922] [Liebendes Weib] meaning : a loving wife/lady in German language
edited and so many versions created   from his first brush touch onward.

Since now the historical events of Munch's paintings recorded officially the completion of final version by the Munch museum as not precisely predicted due to their confusion over the time and period of creation of this great artwork:- Madonna's various editions and versions in all formats.

Some record shows the Madonna created and edited several times from 1895-1902.Some records shows it is between 1894-1905.

Even some shows that it is between 1895-1912.But the truth is Edwvard Munch created the scratch version of Madonna in the year1892 and final revised version in the year 1922... 

Finally he was  saturated and satisfied with this Final version Madonna in 1922 ..and now it is found and all truths unleashed.....

From a bunch of more than 1500 page  research report on this great Madonna  the  extracted synopsis  only is presented here in few pages in this website..

Those, who are in need of extracts and arguments derived from above Research report can contact personally to get clarified..

Now a lot of questions thrown to be answered among them only two three for example sake:--

Question No: 1

Then, why this great work was hidden or made in hidden condition  so far? 

Question  Number two:-

why Edvard Munch rectified,  re- modified the total face and theme appearance outlook of Madonna 1922 totally and entirely different  from  the previous Madonna  of all older/ earlier versions. ? 

Still more and more and  similar hundreds  of chain of  questions.... asked and answered... argued ...a lot ...

All you wanted the myths behind the CREATION HISTORY of this excellent painting's periodical truths with ADOLF HITLER'S contemporary conflict ........  Please Read here for more amazing explanation .... to get arguable explanation of this painting related to Munch's creation....

Conclusion :-     "History never excuse historical errors"

Reasons a lot.... Read detailed study more.... here and explore all hidden facts on Madonna. so far not published anywhere purposely hidden truths....